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The Influence I Have

We are tired. We are weary. This past year has been nothing that any human being has ever seen. While there have been beautiful moments and beautiful lessons learned, it has been at the cost of sadness and loneliness along the way. As I have sat and watched the unfolding of America over the past few days, I am heart sick. I am heart sick at finger pointing. I am heart sick over double standards. I am heart sick over brokenness. I am heart sick over division amongst believers. In short, I’m heart sick.

In my flesh, I feel my anxiety rise up. My desire to control what I see on my television screen. To make America peaceful again. To bring healing to the many who are sick and lonely. To just bring peace to a weary world. But I stop and realize, I have no control. I have no control over what is happening in Washington. I have no control over what will happen in the White House. I have no control over who or who will not become sick with an evil virus. I simply have zero control.

What God has shown me is that I do not have control, but I do have influence. I have influence to bring peace to those around me. I have influence on Facebook to share God’s promise that He will never leave us or forsake us. I have influence to speak for morality and holiness. I have influence over my home and the peaceful atmosphere I can create. I have influence over the little souls that I am raising. I have influence to be a voice that speaks for what the Bible says.

God is on the throne. He has not left. Nothing that is happening is out of His control or taking Him by surprise. Never have I ever been so happy to homeschool. To use the time and influence I have to pour TRUTH into my children.

We are weary, but parents, it starts with us. Below I am sharing wonderful resources that I have found to fill our hearts and homes with the Truth of the Gospel. Parents, you are alive “for such a time as this”. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, read that again, no matter what side- our world is in turmoil. It is no mistake that you are a parent at this hour. That your children are in your family at this moment in history. May we as parents use this time to get onto the battlefield of pouring God’s truth into our home and our children.

But parents, it starts with us. I urge you to examine your own heart. Where is your identity? Is it in a political candidate or is it in a King who will never fail? Is it in an agenda or is it in the Gospel? May we as parents rise to the calling to, as my friend Heidi St John says, “Get off of the bench and onto the battlefield.”

My desire is to encourage you to step in to the place where only you can step. The place that God has appointed you. We as parents must be in the Word. We must submit our agenda to the will of the Father. There are wonderful Bible studies out there, but nothing compares to reading the very words of God.

My desire is that the resources below help you to engage and BE INTENTIONAL! There has never been a more crucial time for you as a parent to invest in your children. God has chosen you, and you alone, to be the one to teach your children truth. Do not waste it.

Encouragement for your home:

Encouragement for your children:

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