The Unexpected Homeschool Family

We are months into this homeschool journey. If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I would see myself, it would NEVER have been as a homeschool momma. The typical homeschool stereotype ran wild through my head. This coming from a homeschool kid myself, I knew I was not doing that to my kids. Now, don’t get me wrong. I had an amazing homeschool experience, but being the social butterfly I was, it was hard for me. I wanted my kids to experience all the things I felt like I had missed out on– prom, homecoming football games, eating in the cafeteria. Little did I know how God would lead our family. And trust me, it was not where I ever expected to go.

Around this time last year, God began to tug on my heart that I should look into homeschooling. Audrey was in a wonderful school but no matter how hard I wanted it to work, it just wasn’t a good fit for us. My husbands schedule as a first responder was unpredictable. His “weekend off” could be a Tuesday and Wednesday, right in the middle of a typical school week. Our family time was limited and close to non-existent. None of us were thriving. I had many friends who I went to for wisdom. I prayed and asked God to continue to lead us if this was the path we were to take. At the end of Audrey’s kindergarten year, my husband and I attended her graduation with smiles and excitement knowing soon our family would look very different. Instead of running from here to there to everywhere, we were committing to more time as a family.

Our homeschool journey started off as many I assume do. I bought all the materials. The ones I knew just had to work only to discover a few weeks in that they did not work for my Audrey. I began my own personal journey of growing in the knowledge of what the difference was between “homeschooling” and “doing school at home”. There is a difference. I am a people pleaser and with that comes a sense of unrealistic expectations I put on myself. I learned quickly that my desire for what homeschooling my children would look like did not involve a check list. It involved character building. It involved the beautiful materials I could use to make learning come alive for them. I feel in LOVE with classical education and the Charlotte Mason approach to learning. Living books became the backbone of our learning. Trips to the library, along with late fees, became normal. We were learning. Together, the kids and I were figuring out what this homeschool life looked like.

Around Christmas I felt like we finally had our feet under us. It was at this time my dear friend, who is a director at a co-op called Classical Conversations, contacted me about the possibility of my opening a new campus in our town. Goodness sakes alive! Here I was still trying to figure this whole thing out. I had never witnessed a day of CC even happen. How could I possibly do this? I went to God for wisdom. Researching the program, reading the beauty of classical education, and seeing how their desire to teach my child that God is at the center of all things confirmed in my mind that this is where my family needed to be. Within two weeks we signed Audrey up for a community and here we are again, learning together. I have officially accepted the position of Classical Conversation director for Fall 2019 and I am amazed at how God has led our family each step of the way.

Never. And I mean never in a million years would I have believed that homeschooling my children would be something I would love so much. We have a community of friends who love my children well. We have a community of families who have the same desires and goals for their children as we do for ours. My husband and I are the ones my children come to for explanation when they observe things that are happening in this world. I am grateful for the chance to have my children with me. At the end of the day, I am the one who will give them the most grace on their hard days. So from one very unexpected homeschool momma to another, if you feel a tugging on your heart for this kind of life, let’s talk. It may surprise you how much you will love this unexpected life.

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