Celebrating Mom

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. A day when we recognize all that mothers do, because, let’s get real, it is mostly unseen. It is the middle of the night cuddles when your preschooler wakes from a nightmare, the late night grocery store run when you realize there is nothing for the kids lunches the next day, the pain of labor. The list could go on and on. A mother’s role is unmatched by anyone. God appointed you and gifted you with the children you have.

I was the little girl who would play and play with babies! (Very similar to my Audrey!) I always knew I wanted to be a mommy. The reality of motherhood is much more than just playing with baby dolls. It is a constant caring for, putting needs before yours, and juggling it all. But mommas, it is beautiful. Between the mess and tantrums and lack of sleep come the cuddles, the fist-held weeds picked by a little boy who believes he is bringing you the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, the “I love you mommy.” As we approach Mother’s Day, my prayer for you mommas is that you recognize the amazing gift you have in your children. Recognize that you have a role no other person in this world can fill. Stand in that promise. There is blessing in living the calling of training up your children to follow Christ.

I am one that loves sentimental gifts. Not just another thing to fill up a shelf, but instead, things that truly help me remember a person or event. The list compiled below are some really sweet and sentimental things that I hope are helpful as you search for a gift for “mothers” in your life.  

Sailors Studio Wrap Bracelets– This family owned business in downtown Monroe sells only American-made products. They are well known for their beautiful wrap bracelets. With these, you can select a special phrase or promise that is special to the receiver.

Origami Owl– The new charm bracelet! I am a huge fan of Origami Owl! On my second Mother’s Day, this was what I requested for my gift. I have added many charms over the years and now have such a sweet collection. Simple things like an elephant, which reminds of the first animal Audrey loved, or an avocado, which reminds me of Audrey’s first bullying struggle over her love of guacamole. This is always a winner in my book!

Magnolia Table– Who doesn’t love Chip and Jo-Jo?! I have been waiting for this to be released for months! Not only is it beautifully written but there are GOOD recipes, not impossible ones you would never make. This would be a winner for any momma!

Present Over Perfect– If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how this book has rocked me! Mothers have believed the lie that busyness is part of motherhood- it is not! This amazing book will help you see the blessing that comes with intentional time in this life you’ve been given!

ESV Journaling Bible– Some of the most amazing stories I have heard are from children who have inherited their mother or grandmother’s Bible. Pages and pages filled with lessons learned, children’s salvation dates, and promises claimed during hard times. I love the idea of this being gifted to a young mother as she begins her motherhood journey. This Bible is beautifully bound and it allows plenty of space inside for journaling.

BKA Design Pillows– Who doesn’t love a great pillow? These customizable pillows can have your state, family name, favorite quote, or verse! I love the idea of keeping memory-filled things before your eyes!

Scripture and Hymn Wall Hanging– I recently ordered “The Old Rugged Cross” for our home. Again, following the idea of keeping Scripture before your eyes and your family’s eyes. I love how beautifully done these are!

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